Our Story


Womart is a virtual marketplace that’s built on dreams and hopes of skilled women from small villages and towns and women entrepreneurs of Pakistan. These women are talented and produce exquisite handmade goods from sustainable and locally produced raw materials. These skilled artisans spend hundreds of hours painstakingly producing these intricate beautiful handmade pieces that are infused with elegance.

Womart is committed to providing a platform for women entrepreneurs especially honoring those who are keeping our thousands of years old culture alive, and bringing those pieces of our heritage into our lives. They do it with utmost care for us and our planet. And that’s the exact thing we need to survive during the climate crisis that’s on us.

Some of these products are pieces of our history. Their value is assigned based on materials and fair labor practices, which are unaffected by the traditional consumption cycle.

Womart is one-of-a-kind marketplace whose foundations are built to create social and environmental awareness with the pleasure of showcasing beautiful, well-made, and lasting handmade Pakistani crafts. These thoughtfully made products aim to celebrate slow fashion, and pioneer the radical idea of slow fashion in Pakistan.

Slow fashion is about consuming and creating fashion consciously and with integrity. We promise to make slow fashion a viable choice for everyone by trying to make slow brands as accessible as affordable in the long run. The choice should also be there to shop slow, ethically, and sustainably. Like all things in life, with great choice comes great responsibility.

Our Mission


Womart strives to bring these amazing women to the forefront of a global market. 

These women don’t have basic education on entrepreneurship, digital training and information on global perspective on cutting edge designs that are essential to understanding latest trends or to develop a pitch to the investors and to scale their business.As a result, most women artisans are isolated, unemployed and vulnerable to local brokers who sometimes monopolize and exploit them.

These women-led social and creative enterprises are the essence of Pakistan and its cultural heritage. Womart was founded to keep these Pakistani design practices and designs alive while creating  and sustaining artisan’s small businesses. 


Zeejah Fazli

Womart.pk, a project very close to my heart, and one of the FACE’s flagship projects, aims to achieve three main objectives. To empower the women from across Pakistan, to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Pakistan through new designs and to contribute to the economy of Pakistan by increasing exports. With all our dedicated stakeholders and partners at womart.pk, I am very confident of achieving our goals with an approach that is sustainable and all-inclusive.


Nosheen Bukhari
Project manager.

There is no fear once you have stepped on the stage. Club your talent with strength and confidence, and see the magic happening. For an empowered woman can bring the best of change in any society. With this vision, Womart.pk provides one of a kind platform for exceptionally skilled women of Pakistan. And hence we aim to bring forth every woman who dreams to showcase her skills in the mainstream market.

Aqsa Kay

Aqsa Kay
Brand Designer and tech support

A believer in sustainable and green businesses. I dream of making womart a sustainable and a pioneer of slow fashion in Pakistan. The future is green and it empowers everyone.