Asha Memon: An entrepreneurial spirit

Game changers can be from anywhere. Entrepreneurship has nothing to do with how educated you are. Asha Memon is a resident of Matiari, Sindh and she studied till 10th grade. Her husband has lands and is a well off farmer. Her son goes to a good school.
Asha is an expert when it comes to block printing, pouch making and embroidery. She can read and write, and runs a business where she has hired 10 artisans. Like a true entrepreneur, she doesn’t compromise on the quality of her products, and consumers are ecstatic about the products, hence increasing the demand. Her products are ordered in Karachi and Lahore. She is one of those people, who change the perspective of people about certain things. She introduced her printed bed sheets in Punjab on a massive scale and has changed the consumer attitude towards block printed bedding.She dreams of leaving a legacy.A business that her son can run one day. WoMart is the tool that will help her in reaching to the international market. Even though she has a market, she lacked the business training to take the business to an international level.

She is a visionary in truest sense. She believes that her success translates into the development and job opportunities for her community. She believes that a successful business means prosperity in her people who need it the most.
She has conducted multiple workshops at her company and also in her community transferring the learning from WoMart to her employees and women in her community. She believes that businesses have to be about people and for the people.
WoMart has been a great help in creating the vision for her company. She believes that it’s going to change the face of her business and make it an international brand.
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