Atta Bibi: A legacy in Making

Before WoMart, she didn’t have a smartphone or internet. WoMart trained so, that she could use cell phone and internet. Now she has access, not just national, but international market. She has further transferred these skills to her son, and now he helps her with market research and makes products for international as well as national customers.  Currently, she is making Christmas tree toppers.  Her products and their designs have evolved into things that could be catered to both national and international markets.
WoMart is the light in the end of the tunnel. She is working day and night on amazing new products for the launch of WoMart. She has further involved 4-6 more local artisans of the area and has conducted multiple workshops transferring the learning from WoMart to them.
These products are weaved in dreams and hopes of Atta Bibi. This embroidery has been in the area for generations. Now through WoMart, she is showcasing to the world, what has been her identity and parts of her culture her whole life.  She
hopes to leave a legacy for her children. Growing up in Dera Masti, Bahawalpur Atta bibi, learnt the basic skill set of embroidery from her religious school. After completing her primary education she got married. She was wedded off to a Chand Gari driver. The in-laws and husband was supportive enough to allow her in learning the skill further before she got married. Now she supports three of her kids education with the money earned.
On a good day, she makes up to 15000 PKR per month, but since the country’s economic crises, her income has decreased to less of half of what she used to earn. To counter that she needs a bigger market and access to more people, so she could sell more items.
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