Atta Illahi: A caretaker at heart

My name is Atta Illahi and I am from Bahawalpur Punjab. I am the oldest of four siblings. My family always struggled with finances. I had to leave school in the middle to work. While working, I learnt the art of embroidery making. I would make stuff for my home and people liked them. And they would ask if I could make them one too. I had a clean hand when it came to design and intricate art, so I started making more. Along the way, I realized I could sell these things and save up and complete my education.
Life gets very hard when you have five people to feed. Being the eldest, I am supposed to take care of the rest of my siblings. The products I made helped me in getting a bit of an income.
I didn’t know business. My lack of skills in marketing, understanding the market was a biggest obstacle in stepping foot in the bigger market. Even though I had the necessary skills, I couldn’t get the best price for my products. Making an income out of my craft was not easy.
And I then I came across WoMart and I enrolled in their marketing program. The program taught me all about the international and national markets. Now, I am going to be launching my products on WoMart as well as This program helped me a lot and made me able to market my products for what they are worth. I am working on new designs, my craft is evolving too. I see other products, get different ideas and incorporate them into my own designs.
WoMart has opened a whole new world for me. It’s changing me and my family’s life. And I can’t wait to share my designs with the world.
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