Durkhane: Weaving the dream legacy

Imagine living with six kids at a home where one sided is a fully functional carpet weaving activity.
Living far away from Quetta city has never been easy according to Durkhane. As basic communication methods hardly work in many cities and villages of Baluchistan. Producing carpets every day, with minimum communication with the outside world has been a massive challenge. But Durkhane is not someone who would be easily scared by challenges. Challenges have only made her grow and grow stronger.
Although, Durkhane always felt the need of exposure of her skills and products to the mainstream market consequently could still not manage to achieve too many orders from the target market. Her exceptional skills in carpet weaving has been passed down to her from her paternal family, who themselves were the masters of carpet weaving in Baluchistan. And now she is transferring the skills to her children and grandchildren as well. She believes that carpet weaving is way too beautiful to just stay in one generation. Even though she has managed
to stay afloat regardless of the political and social challenges, she feels a vacuum in her understating of business and marketing. And that’s where WoMart has played the role and filled the vacuum with essential skills and knowledge. The trainings have provided her with all the skills to create the store online and produce the beautiful pieces at the comfort of her home. However, Durkhane is facing too many challenges that include aging and her ailments as well. With all these challenges, she is utterly determined to revive hand woven carpet skills for the new generation. WoMart is a dream comes true for her. Her beautiful carpets are going to be launched with WoMart in her curated collection for the national and global market. She is ecstatic.
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