Fouzia Saeed: The tale of Resilience

Living in a valley with harshest winters with her husband and three daughters,
Fouzia Saeed had to start earning early to survive and raise a family. She would sell dry fruits to sustain and educate her daughters. She sent all her daughters to schools and they are now educated. Two of the university graduates and one is entering university this summer. She started her embroidery work ten years ago to send her daughters to the university.
Suddenly it was a great side income as orders started to come in and she started to make more money. Her financial situation improved and she started to work more on her fine thread embroidery. Since Hunza has become a tourist place, the orders are increasing and so is her business.
Fouzia Saeed thinks, WoMart is the next big opportunity she has. As she does custom embroidery on demand and has a way with colors. WoMart has also trained her to be more market oriented and curate her products to create the demand on national and international market. The marketing skills learnt in the sessions helped her immensely is curating the batch of WoMart and she is also,
transferring the skills of business development into her dry fruit business too. She believes her embroidery skills are the reason she was able to educate the next generation of women in her family. She is a proud mother whose daughters are university graduates, and she wants to transfer her legacy to her daughters. Hence WoMart is the stepping stone for her dream of leaving a legacy that is infused with her mother and grandmother. The designs and patterns that has been in the culture and she grew up with, are becoming a global consumer products, that you could order from anywhere in the world.
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