Shamim Bano

From the high and cold mountains of Gojal, GB comes an exceptionally skilled lady Shamim Bano whose vision is to up her financial condition with her own talent, and not looking up to anyone. Mastered in carpet weaving and creating jewelry with famous stones of the North, Shamim told that family played their good part in making her who she is today. Now is the time to support them back by trusting her own skills fully.
Trained by her brother Khalil Ahmed, Shamim is now a significant member of the carpet weaving society in Gojal. Most of the orders received are from KPK and Punjab. But product maintenance and delivery are two major issues faced by Shamim Bano. It takes more than three months to weave a medium sized carpet. Some clients change their mind during the process and cancel their order without paying any amount in advance. Hence, differentiating among clients becomes challenging at times.
With both her talents, Shamim Bano has never for once felt like giving up. She rather supports her family and contributes in the business despite all the hurdles.

Her biggest dream is to take her carpet weaving skills to international scale where she could train young girls and boys and equip them with carpet weaving skills.She also demands that government should introduce a mandatory subject in schools that teaches skills leading to family support system, and students being independent from a young age.

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