Rameen Fatima

The popularity of classic music and indigenous instruments is breathing it lasts. My mission is to preserve the dying art and instruments that deserve more than being ‘forsaken’ and ‘forgotten’ or being displayed in the museums for people to tell tales of their decline. The aim is to preserve indigenous instruments by creating more awareness and by encouraging as many people to buy classical instruments as possible!
Grab a Tabla, Rubab, Sitar, or Flute – whatever gets your creative juices flowing. Whatever gets you in the zone. Whatever gets you high!
Purchase an instrument to help revive the classicals again!
Connect with me for more details.
Who am I?
I am Rameen Fatima. I am the creator behind some of the most awesome projects you have seen circulating the social media and internet. ASAP’s mission possible, Call’s Rung do and Time by Waleed Forebass), Liberation and Parallex (short films) to name a few and I have been working on various projects by FACE since four years.
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