Rubaha Chowdry: A social Entrepreneur

I am Rubaha Chowdry, and I have been married for a long time now. I have three kids, two girls and a boy. I always wanted to help people. I guess it comes from my dad. He was always helping people around, when we were barely financially stable. It helped me growing up with developing empathy.
My dad also sent to school and all the way to university. I have done my masters in Urdu. I learnt embroidery early on in my childhood with my mother. We used to spend a lot of time together, working on different things. My husband has gone abroad to support the family.
I make 20000 if the sales in the month are doing well. Otherwise, the income fluctuates between 5000-10000, and things get stressful. The orders come to me with the words of mouth. I had no experience in marketing. Thankfully, I met WoMart and attended all the trainings on marketing and self-development. The trainings given to me about developing a product that I could put in an online store is immensely inspiring. I think it will increase my sales and will have a constant income. I have curated a special batch of all the products for the WoMart launch and will be working more on product development.
Now, that I have a store that I could showcase my products, I will be solely focused on developing the product that could go on national and international market. I am planning to donate 20% of my income to educating poor women in my village, if my business is able to sustain my family expenses. I am also planning to include more women in the business as my business develops.
Thanks to WoMart and all the trainings it has provided, I can see my dream of helping more people coming true.
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