Rubina : Born in to the hustle

When I look at my childhood, all I remember is working with my family to make ends meet. Living with my eight siblings, early on, I had to learn to work hard. I learnt the skills of embroidery. I learn to survive on very little. I started to learn embroidery early on as I had to support the family of eight. School was not an option. I never went to school.
I never got married either. I always had to look after siblings and I still do that. I worked my whole life to provide for this family, barely making ends meet. With my embroidery skills I have been able to take care of my eight siblings all my life. Early on my aunties and grandmother helped me learn the embroidery skills. The generational designs and all the tips and tricks, were passed down to me from the women in my family, with whom I learnt the art of embroidery.I have been selling my embroidery all my life, but I still make ends meet. With no experience in business, it was hard at first, but I learnt a few things along the way. I always had to depend on people to sell my products. It will be the first time that, I will make a product and it will directly get displayed in a store. It’s the most exciting
part that. Previously, most of the money was taken by the middleman. I hope that will change with WoMart that will help me grow my business and be able to help my siblings and their kids.
With WoMart, my hard work will pay me and my family to be able take rest and catch a breath. It has been a long life.
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