Ruqqaya: Dreaming ajrak Dreams

Growing up Ruqqaya didn’t know where her next meal is coming from. Her father died early when she was mere a child. Her uncle took her in and she started working on his Ajrak making small business with her mother and aunty.
She learnt the printing of beautiful and intricate designs when she was a kid. She and her mother used to live in huts and were barely making enough to even afford food. Slowly her uncle’s business took off and Ruqqaya and her mother were able to make their own house. Her mother got her married to her cousin and she started her married life in an Ajrak family again. It helped her husband too. As she already knew all the nitty-gritty of Ajrak making. She helped her husband in making the Ajraks and she still does that.
She has become an expert in the art of printing and coloring as that’s what she has did all her life. She makes beautiful and colorful ajraks that stand out.WoMart and its trainings had helped her immensely in every way. Her products are now on international and national market. She has been trained for
marketing and business development. The trainings she got at WoMart, she has trained her whole family about the lessons and takeaways. Her husband is very supportive of her and thinks she has changed his life in more than one ways. And her business acumen that has developed after the trainings has increased their orders locally hence, increasing the business. She with her husband and family has also developed a curated collection of Ajraks for the launch of WoMart. She feels like she is part of something bigger now, bigger than herself. She says, it’s the most exciting time of her life.
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