Shahnaz: Dreaming a different future

Imagine living on minimum wage, with six children and a husband. Imagine getting your kid married, with the money that is barely enough for the survival of your family. Imagine, your married kid still lives with you under the same roof. Imagine, living your whole life in the financial struggle.
Shahnaz, is an artisan from Hussainabad, district Bhitshah. All her life she has been struggling to make ends meet, before marriage, at her parents, and after when she had six kids. She never went to school. It was never an option. She learnt embroidery when she was a kid and started working when she was 8. Her products are made from the fabric she buys, does all the work and the final products are sold to the local shops with minimum profit. The middle man takes most of the margin.
Her dream to keep her daughters in schools has been a real challenge. She doesn’t want them to have a life full of struggles. She wants them to have a better life.She makes beautiful women dresses with duppatas with intricate embroidery.After putting hours of work into each piece, she manages to sell the
whole set for 3000 PKR. Using her own fabric and time, she only profits a few hundred rupees on each piece that she sells.
WoMart wants to change that. It removes the middle man and gives the whole profit to Shahnaz who truly deserves and need the money. Learning about smartphones and the e-commerce model, her eyes lit up. May be it’s the hope that her struggling days are over. She was ecstatic when she learnt the marketing skills and said WoMart is the silver lining; she has been waiting for her whole life. She is working on multiple products for the launch.
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