Shazia Nawab : The Mosaic Hustler

Mughal Empire created art that was intricate and could withstand time and harsh weather. The traces of the art are still around and still hold the immense beauty that it holds. In far fledged area of northern Pakistan, an artist is getting the very much needed recognition. Shazia Nawab is a mosaic artist who works with marbles. She comes from a remote village of Chitral. Her work is versatile as her art and material she uses. She makes exquisite table tops, mirror frames, customized art of any type, staircases and other art work.
She learnt the art unexpectedly in a training Seven years ago from an NGO. She was such a natural at the art, that in no time, she was one of the sought after Mosaic art master trainer in multiple local NGOs.
Looking at her work and products, she was chosen to do an art residency in India. In India, she taught many local artisans and had a chance to learn from the masters for two months. It gave her immense exposure and unmeasurable growth.
When she came back, she started her own studio called The Mosaic Studio at Lok Virsa, where she met WoMart team. She has trained many women in Mosaic
art and now has a network of remote workers. She arranges the material and sends to each artisan and has managed to run a small business where many women are earning their bread and butter from.
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