Wasandi : Carrying on the Ajrak dreams

Belonging to an Ajrak artisans’ family, Wasandi was also married to an Ajrak artist at a very young age. Her ancestors are the great custodians of Ajrak from Bhit Shah that is a remote and underprivileged area in Sindh, where Ajrak has been the only source of income for this family for generations.
She has eight children, out of which three help their mother in Ajrak making, so they can support the family. Life is not easy for her and her husband; they have to feed and educate all these kids, in this time when everything is expensive.
The political and economic situation of Pakistan has not made her life any easier. Fluctuating economy has affected the market and that means a decrease in orders and expensive material. Material used for Ajrak blocks is prepared locally. But the colors are arranged from Karachi which costs extra. The travel cost to get the colors adds up.
Moreover, prices offered for their finished products are mostly insufficient to see them through a whole month. Hundreds of man hours put into the final product are not compensated accordingly.
The huge demand from India has been completely disappeared due to a halt in trade between both the countries. This has taken a huge toll on her business. Struggle is there and it isn’t even getting any easier. Attending the Womart workshop in Islamabad, Wasandi knows it is her chance to flourish and boost her business by getting an access to a wider customer range by connecting to national and international market. She is dreaming big, as an Ajrak artisan family. She is also hopeful to export worldwide.
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