Nazia Shehzad

A 27 years old mother of two is not afraid to take any risks. Therefore, Nazia Shehzad chose to step out of here comfort zone to become an exceptionally talented entrepreneur. Graduated in fashion studies from Malaysia, Nazia designs unique apparels for women with the motto “All Sizes Are Beautiful.” Nazia always had a problem […]

Rameen Fatima

The popularity of classic music and indigenous instruments is breathing it lasts. My mission is to preserve the dying art and instruments that deserve more than being ‘forsaken’ and ‘forgotten’ or being displayed in the museums for people to tell tales of their decline. The aim is to preserve indigenous instruments by creating more awareness […]

Meetah Gul- Sewing Beads of Hope

A fierce Kalashi woman Meetah who inherited the legacy of creating local Kalashi handcrafts. Her beautiful ethnic bracelets, bags, caps and dresses are made with love. Women working under her, spend hundreds of hours weaving the beads, fingers moving the needle to form the colorful patterns of elegant embroidery. Meetah is the bridge that connects […]

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